Is it all in their minds?

28 million people in Britain suffer from persistent chronic pain for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. A recent study by the American psychotherapist, Alan Gordon, on 50 chronic back pain suffers, claims to have lastingly cured 61% of them after one month of treatment with his pain reprocessing therapy (PRT). As a […]

What are e-scooters and what are the rules around them?

As e-scooters are classified as powered transporters, they are subject to the same legal requirements as motor vehicles, i.e., MOT, tax, licensing etc. In the UK, the law says you are allowed to buy and own an electric scooter, but it is illegal to use a privately-owned one on public roads, pavements or cycle lanes. […]

Compensation Win for Breast Implant Victims

Thousands of women have celebrated the ruling of a French court that they should be compensated for dangerous PIP breast implants. The Paris appeals court ruled that the women should receive damages following serious health issues caused by the French made implants filled with cheap, industrial grade silicone which had not been cleared for human […]

£15 Million in Fifteen Years of Simpkins & Co

We are delighted to say that Simpkins & Co is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this month. Specialising in personal injury, clinical negligence claims, and employment law, we have assisted in excess of 3,000 clients since being established in 2004. We’ve seen significant changes during that period, including the handling of an increasing number of serious […]

Congratulations to Steve on his Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation

Steve is one of only 7 solicitors in the whole of Dorset who holds a Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation. There are also only 7 solicitors in Hampshire who hold the award. To achieve the Personal Injury Accreditation, applicants need to demonstrate a detailed understanding of personal injury law, along with the experience and knowledge […]

We support Injury Prevention Day

As a long-standing member of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) we are supporting Injury Prevention Day 2018 on Wednesday 15th August. The 3rd Wednesday of August every year is marked by APIL to help educate everyone about how to avoid injury. A key objective of the association is to prevent needless harm and all APIL […]

Disabled M&S worker awarded £1,000 against the company by employment tribunal

Mr M who suffers from a disability requiring him to go to the toilet more frequently, asked his employer to provide a lift key for the customer lift which would allow him to reach the 2nd floor staff toilets more easily. He had been using the goods lift, the stairs and escalators, but after an operation […]

Supreme court’s judgment could influence legal battles over employment status.

plumber shaking hands with a lawyer

The UK’s highest court has unanimously decided that a heating engineer has won his employment claim against Pimlico Plumbers. It was established that he was a worker and not self-employed. This will set a clear precedent for those employed in the gig economy and influence the outcome of long legal battles such as those involving […]

What are the top benefits of using an experienced personal injury solicitor?

They will ensure you are properly compensated for your injuries. Experienced personal injury solicitors have a wealth of knowledge when dealing with insurance companies and are skilled at negotiating adequate compensation for injuries and losses suffered. This will help ease the stress caused by an accident, allowing you to focus on your recovery. They know how […]