What should you expect from a good personal injury lawyer?

They will: – Meet you in person or, if more appropriate, via an online option. You can get to know each other, discuss your injuries, your goals, the process of making a claim and any concerns you may have. Make sure your case is considered individually, each one being different in some way. You will […]

UK’s potholes are causing more than just damage

After the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, recently announced a £200 million road-fixing project focussed on the UK’s ‘Pothole Plague’, just how bad is the problem? Over the last few decades, the UK has been beset with a growing pothole problem. You can almost guarantee you will encounter several, even on a short car journey, often not […]

5 personal injury myths

As members of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers), we are committed to helping injured people receive the justice and compensation they need to get their lives back on track. APIL’s vision is for a society where needless accidents never happen. They promote safety standards and alert the public to hazards, but there are many […]

Client receives substantial damages after accident caused by bike malfunction

Our client was cycling his mountain bike on holiday in France, when suddenly and without warning, the front wheel quick-release lever became trapped in the disc brake, causing the front fork to snap. He was thrown with some force over the handlebars and landed heavily causing severe injuries, mainly to his right cheekbone and eye […]

Keep safe and avoid a fine by de-icing your windscreen properly

Following on from our road safety tips, and with temperatures dropping below zero, properly and fully de-icing your windscreen and other windows is so important. We’ve all been there – you’re running late on a cold, frosty morning and you haven’t left yourself enough time to de-ice your windscreen. The temptation is to reach for […]

Keeping safe on the roads in Winter

Brake, the road safety charity, held its annual Road Safety Week in November. It’s Brake’s most extensive road safety campaign, bringing awareness of the importance of road safety and remembering those affected by road death and injury. With Winter approaching and driving conditions becoming tougher, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure their own actions don’t […]

Horses on the road ahead? Follow the Highway Code’s advice

Horses are very special creatures, having an amazingly strong bond with humans. They have similar family structures to humans with male and female horses staying together and their offspring only leaving the nest once they’re mature. The domestication of wild horses goes back to as early as 10,000BC when humans began to learn how to […]

“My life would be much much much worse” – new film shines light on the law

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) continue their Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign. Watch the powerful new short film at https://rebuilding-shattered-lives.org.uk/ As reported in the APIL Weekly News of 22/9/2022: – ‘APIL executive committee member Victoria Lebrec shares the story of her injuries and how the law helped her to get her life back on […]

What is the Rehab Code and how can it help an injured person?

When someone suffers a personal injury through no fault of their own, their first thoughts will probably not be about claiming a cash payout, especially if their injuries are life-changing, but more along the lines of “how am I going to get my life back on track?” The personal injury claims process goes way beyond […]

Civil litigation – what you need to know

For non-criminal offences in the UK, we have civil law which is used to deal with disputes between two or more parties who seek monetary compensation for damages incurred or services that were not delivered. A civil litigation or dispute resolution lawyer will aim to resolve their clients’ disputes. This could be anything from Consumer Right […]