Keeping safe on the roads in Winter

Brake, the road safety charity, held its annual Road Safety Week in November. It’s Brake’s most extensive road safety campaign, bringing awareness of the importance of road safety and remembering those affected by road death and injury. With Winter approaching and driving conditions becoming tougher, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure their own actions don’t […]

Civil litigation – what you need to know

For non-criminal offences in the UK, we have civil law which is used to deal with disputes between two or more parties who seek monetary compensation for damages incurred or services that were not delivered. A civil litigation or dispute resolution lawyer will aim to resolve their clients’ disputes. This could be anything from Consumer Right […]

What are e-scooters and what are the rules around them?

As e-scooters are classified as powered transporters, they are subject to the same legal requirements as motor vehicles, i.e., MOT, tax, licensing etc. In the UK, the law says you are allowed to buy and own an electric scooter, but it is illegal to use a privately-owned one on public roads, pavements or cycle lanes. […]

Compensation Win for Breast Implant Victims

Thousands of women have celebrated the ruling of a French court that they should be compensated for dangerous PIP breast implants. The Paris appeals court ruled that the women should receive damages following serious health issues caused by the French made implants filled with cheap, industrial grade silicone which had not been cleared for human […]

Your Duties And Obligations As An Employer

When you are an employer, it can sometimes feel like your duties and obligations are almost endless. The ever-changing body of legislation in the field of employment law only extenuates this. While many of your duties and obligations may appear to be onerous, they are in fact critical to the success of your business. Failing […]