Government proposes a ban on cold calling for personal injury claims

The Government has announced that it proposes to ban cold calling by claims management companies (CMCs). This concession has been announced after repeated Government resistance to a ban on cold calling for personal injury claims.

The announcement follows a long-standing campaign by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) to eradicate cold calling for personal injury claims. This included their ‘Can the Spam!’ social media campaign, and lobbying of ministers and parliamentary committees.

Personal injury solicitors have long been calling for a ban on unsolicited calls and texts, saying these have fuelled the perception of a compensation culture and encouraging fraudulent claims to be made.

APIL’s president has said that cold calling for personal injury claims is exploitative, tasteless and intrusive. Solicitors are not allowed to do it, for these very reasons. Some CMCs continue to hound people in this way and because of this the Government has linked the scourge of cold calling and spam texting to its proposals to remove the right to claim compensation for some whiplash injuries, disadvantaging those who have a genuine claim.

Exact details of the proposed ban have yet to be announced.

At Simpkins & Co Solicitors, we would certainly support such a ban. We’ve all been hounded by cold calls and spam texts trying to persuade us to claim compensation for an injury, even when we haven’t been injured. It generates the false perception that obtaining compensation for personal injury is easy, even when no injury exists.

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