Personal injury claims are now less than a third of insurer claim costs

Analysis by APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) has found that since the pandemic, car insurers have saved £1.2 billion on personal injury claims. Despite this, motorists have seen barely any change to their premiums.

Data from ABI (Association of British Insurers) shows that had premiums reflected this drop in the cost of personal injury claims, the average premium for motorists would have fallen by £183 since 2019. However, they have fallen by just £38.

Injury claims now represent a third or less of motor insurance claim costs, down from 45% in 2017. In comparison, vehicle repairs make up 58% of these costs.

Insurers have a long-held track record of not passing on savings from personal injury claims. With premiums now beginning to rise, it’s unlikely that motorists will see their premiums fall as a result of the recent ‘whiplash’ reforms.

In these times of increasing household bills, it seems grossly unfair that motor insurers don’t pass on the huge savings they have made in the last few years to their policyholders.


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