Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence (or medical negligence) is a breach of duty of care by a healthcare professional or expert. We all hope that when the situation arises we will receive the highest levels of care, but regrettably problems can arise, standards of care may not be met and sometimes things can go wrong.

At Simpkins & Co you will be assigned a dedicated lawyer to manage your case. You can be assured that we will adopt a sensitive and sympathetic approach, as we appreciate that the details and circumstances may be distressing to you.

At Simpkins & Co we are experienced in pursuing successful medical negligence claims arising out of the NHS and the private healthcare sector, which can include cosmetic surgery or dental work. On some cases we will instruct a barrister to help in providing a ‘second opinion’ on certain issues, adding to your peace of mind.

We offer a free initial consultation to help and advise potential clients whether to proceed and make a claim.

We will discuss with you how the medical negligence has impacted on your health and wellbeing before advising you whether to proceed with a compensation claim.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with medical negligence cases. They will always treat you as an individual and offer you specialist advice and support.

We will always treat you as an individual and offer you specialist advice and support in bringing a successful clinical negligence claim

Want to make a claim?

We are here to help and support you regarding any aspect of clinical negligence. Below are some examples of potential claims.

Examples of Clinical Negligence claims can include:

No Win. No Fee.

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Clinical Negligence Compensation

What are the costs of legal advice?

In the first instance we offer a FREE initial consultation with one of our clinical negligence specialists. We will discuss the circumstances of your potential claim and before proceeding, will advise you on your chances of winning.

Whilst legal aid for most clinical negligence cases in the UK is no longer available, if you win your case the Defendant (other side) will be liable to pay your legal fees on top of your compensation.

We may be able to act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, plus we can advise you on whether you may have legal expenses insurance cover already in place via other means, e.g. your home insurance policy.

This will be fully explained at your FREE initial consultation.

Other funding options will also be explored and if available, they will be fully explained.