Polish Division

According to latest statistics over 800,000 Poles now live and work in the UK. Many are either setting up or running very successful businesses here, with companies that are growing and taking on more staff.

Our Polish Division

At Simpkins & Co Solicitors we have established a specialist Polish Division within our law firm specifically to assist our Polish clients. With a current population of 800,000 Poles living and working in UK, this has become an important part of our business.

Strong links to the Polish community

Since setting up our Polish Division in 2015, we have already established very strong links with Polish communities throughout the UK.

Bartosz Maj

Our Polish Litigation Executive is on hand to assist our Polish clients in all aspects of personal injury and clinical negligence compensation claims, including interpretation services and document translations. Contact him for a free initial consultation.

Beata Suwalska-Pawlik

Beata is our Trainee Solicitor specialising in family law, employment law and civil litigation. She can also assist with translation services. Contact her for an initial consultation for which she charges £99 + VAT.

Looking for legal advice?

Our Polish speaking legal team are here for you

If you are looking for professional, friendly legal advice in the UK, our Polish speaking legal team are here for you. At Simpkins & Co Solicitors we only deal in certain areas of the law, the ones we specialise in, giving you the best legal advice from the right people.

Our legal expertise covers personal injury and clinical negligence compensation claims, employment law and family law. 

From our offices in Lyndhurst, Hampshire, we offer a free initial consultation for personal injury and clinical negligence claims, and we charge £99 + VAT to discuss your employment law and family law issues. Consultations can also be by phone or in certain circumstances, we can come to you.