Stress Relief

It is well known that the process of bringing a personal injury claim can be stressful for the claimant and their family. Even though a good personal injury lawyer will do their best to protect the claimant from as much stress as possible, there are inevitably several factors that may cause distress, especially in brain-injured claimants. These include the length of time a case may take to settle, ongoing medical assessments, anxiety about the complexities of the case, recounting painful memories of the accident, worrying about family stability and financial security.

Initially, the lawyer will need to allow the claimant and their family time to grieve for what has happened and give them breathing space to decide whether they want to bring a personal injury claim.  There are then steps that can be taken by the lawyer to help minimise the stresses and guide the claimant through the personal injury claim process. As there is no ‘one size fits all’, it is up to the lawyer at the very outset to get to know the claimant, build a relationship of trust, and understand the claimant’s aims for the claim. Communication is key here and allowing the claimant to ask questions openly is vital. A good personal injury lawyer will discuss the claimant’s worries and concerns, and expectations for the future, not only at the initial meeting but on an ongoing basis.

Even though each case is different, there is a road map of processes that will flow through each claim. The lawyer will set these processes out from the beginning to keep the claimant’s expectations realistic. Often this may involve repetition of information as the claim progresses to refresh the claimant’s memory, especially if the claimant’s communication abilities have been affected by the accident.

As the claim progresses, the lawyer can introduce a case manager who sits alongside the lawyer and coordinates rehabilitation. Rehabilitation starts with an assessment, where treatments and goals are agreed upon and regularly reviewed. Case managers and lawyers work together to discuss methods of minimising stresses for the claimant and their families.

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