Sun, Sea, Sand & …knowing your holiday rights!

There is a minimum right to paid holiday, but an employer may offer more. In order to qualify for the right to annual leave, you need to be classed as a worker. If you are self-employed, you have no statutory right to paid annual leave.

The main points you should know about holiday rights are that: –

  • As a full time worker, you are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks (or 28 days) paid annual leave, including bank holidays.
  • Part-time workers are entitled to the same level of holiday pro rata.
  • You start building up holiday as soon as you start work.
  • You may not be able to take your holiday when you want. If your holiday request does not fit with the needs of your employer’s business, they can refuse your request.
  • You will be paid your normal working pay during your holiday leave.
  • When you finish a job, you will be paid for any holiday you have not taken.
  • Bank and public holidays can be included in your minimum entitlement.
  • You continue to be entitled to your holiday leave throughout your ordinary and additional maternity and paternity leave, and your adoption leave.

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