We are committed to following the ‘Guide to the Conduct of Cases Involving Serious Injury’

The guide has been developed after years of work between the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), the Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) and many major insurers. The common aim is to attempt dispute resolution as early as is practical between the claimant and defendant representatives in the case of catastrophic claims for personal injury where compensation is valued at a minimum of £250,000.

Over the years at Simpkins & Co, we have successfully handled personal injury compensation claims of this kind, including extremely difficult and complex cases which no other firm would be willing to take on.

The Guide is intended to assist parties involved in these claims, whilst putting the injured claimant at the centre of the process. It puts in place a system to meet the reasonable needs of the claimant and ensures that all parties cooperate and work together towards resolving the case.

The principal aims of the guide are to:

  • Resolve liability as soon as possible (within 6 months of the date of notification) to achieve a timely resolution of the case. If this cannot be done, what are the barriers and how can all parties work together to resolve the issue quickly?
  • Provide early access to rehabilitation to maximise a claimant’s recovery (where this is beneficial to the claimant).
  • Resolve claims in a cost appropriate manner.
  • Resolve claims within a reasonable agreed time frame.
  • Encourage an environment of mutual trust and collaboration, including disclosure of all relevant documents, e.g. liability documents, police reports, medical notes etc. Where possible, all parties should obtain evidence in such a way as to avoid duplication of effort and cost.

The guide will bring tangible benefits to all parties involved and by working in this cooperative fashion, the best results for the injured person can be achieved as quickly as possible.

At Simpkins & Co, we are experts in personal injury compensation claims with over 25 years of experience and we are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). For more information and to find out about our no win, no fee agreements, call us on 01425 275555 or visit www.simpkinsand.co.uk. and claim your FREE initial, no-obligation consultation.


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