Why people’s rights to claim must be protected

In the current climate where the government is seeking to cap personal injury claims, people are quick to jump on the bandwagon and lay the blame at the door of ‘greedy’ lawyers.

However, what matters most, is the public’s right to make a claim where serious personal injury has been caused – especially when evidently due to negligence.

We were horrified to read media reports just this week regarding a leaked report on North Manchester General and Royal Oldham hospitals detailing a catalogue of incidents – including a premature baby being left to die alone in a sluice room, a woman who died of a ‘catastrophic haemorrhage’ after her symptoms were put down to mental illness; a baby who died because staff failed to identify their mother’s rare blood type and a woman who was left with a colostomy because her condition was missed three times.

It’s horrific to hear of such catastrophic levels of negligence occurring in today’s so say modern society.

Yes, we all appreciate that the NHS is under unprecedented pressures, but the worst realisation is when lessons are patently not being learnt and improvements are not being made.

Over four years ago, Simpkins & Co Solicitors pursued and won a claim against this NHS Trust on behalf of an elderly lady who had to endure a partial foot amputation due to misdiagnosis. Her life and mobility were severely impacted due to a situation that was avoidable, had she received the proper levels of medical care and due attention.

It is terrible to read this latest report in full, outlining how repeated warnings over years have not led to any substantial improvements being made, leaving patients at ‘unacceptable risk’.

Furthermore, this report only came to light following a three-month Freedom of Information battle by the Manchester Evening News, and the help of a whistle-blower, otherwise the truth would still be withheld from the public domain.

As a law firm with integrity, registered by the Law Society and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, we certainly do not condone the ‘ambulance chasing’ breed of law firm who have led our industry into disrepute. What we do endorse, however, is the protection of individuals’ rights to pursue a claim where there has clearly been negligence.

To read more about the report and the actions of Manchester Evening News – read the full article here:


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Photo courtesy: Manchester Evening News via Mirror


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